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A comprehensive database of widely circulated ß-Lactamases
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Beta-lactamases are enzymes  produced by some bacteria and are responsible for their resistance to beta-lactam antibiotics like penicillins, cephamycins, and carbapenems (ertapenem) (Cephalosporins are relatively resistant to beta-lactamase). These antibiotics have a common element in their molecular structure: a four-atom ring known as a beta-lactam.
The idea behind the design:
Beta-lactamases confer resistance to a broad range of antibiotics by due to emergence of new mutations.
The number of betalactamase and their variants are steadily increasing. Categorizing all these variants along
with their relevant information on one platform could be helpful to the researcher working with multidrug
resistant bacteria. BLAD is a common platform for data sharing that links regional betalactamases
epidemiological data into a single database. It also provides the connections between existing databases
(NCBI) and can be used directly through a web-based interface.  These data are made freely available to
scientist working in the field of multidrug resistance in order to provide updated information on the subject.
Moreover, the surveillance of antibiotics resistance may also be assisted.  Currently, the database hosts the
sequences from all the classes  of metallo and non metallo betalactamases along with their variants. The
information about the crystal structures is also available for ESBLs and MBLs.
Mechanism of Action:
Beta-lactam antibiotics are typically used to treat a broad spectrum of Gram-negative bacteria.
Beta-lactamases produced by Gram-negative organisms are usually secreted.
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